Life Coaching

How are you feeling?

Have you reached this stage in life only to feel uncertain about yourself?  Your body is changing. Your physical capability is changing with it. Perhaps your income level has changed along with your activity level. Maybe even your living situation has changed. Lots of changes!

(One Vibrant Old Woman told me that in the midst of downsizing from her home of 30+ years, getting rid of treasured family items and leaving friends, neighbors, her church and her familiar way of life, moving to a new town to be close to her son, her faithful, loving dog, companion for many years, died! ...her “last vestige of her life” as she knew it. “I now have to discover who I will be in my new town, house, church and station in life. May God give me the courage to do it gracefully.” she said so eloquently.)

So now what’s your path?  What defines you now? What is your purpose?  How do you connect in a meaningful way with family and friends?  Not having answers to these questions can feel more than a little unsettling.

You are not alone. Transitions always bring challenges and feel unsettling.

It might just be time you had some coaching to help get you on the path to the finish line, not somehow, but triumphantly! and be even more vibrant than ever!

Just imagine! What if your last 10 years of life on this planet were the BEST years of your life…the GRAN FINALE of your life story?

I would be honored to help this happen for you, to join you in this important time of your life and help you find the freedom to be who you were meant to be, wholeheartedly.

No one ever said Granny’s can’t have coaches! Let me be your coach.

Engaging in a coaching relationship simply means you will have someone alongside you who understands the journey and knows how to cheer you on. It means you will have a guide as you figure out your next step. It means you will have someone who will help you find your own answers to your questions.

I will listen to you, ask questions, and help you name the things you are feeling. I will provide you with the support and resources you need to thrive and grow in this wonderful time of your life.

So, How does coaching work?1412955909467_wps_61_Portrait_of_senior_woman_

First we meet and determine your goal. Then we meet for 3 sessions a month, one hour each. In between sessions, you can contact me through email…and I you.  Together we customize coaching to your specific situation and develop a practical and enjoyable partnership. We can meet in person over coffee if you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. We can also meet by phone, over email, by Skype, or by FaceTime. And don’t worry, I will walk you through every step of the technology set-up.

Contact me at for a COMPLIMENTARY session to explore the possibility of a coaching relationship…no pressure, just information and exploration!

If you already know you are ready to go, I offer 3 affordable package plans (or I can customize one for you):

  • One month of coaching. $165
  • Three months of coaching.  $485
  • Six months of coaching. $975

I look forward to hearing from you!

“Just because you had some bad chapters in your life doesn’t mean the story can’t end well. Turn the page…” –


*A graduate of the University of Texas in El Paso, focused on sociology and education, Norma is a trained social worker and has had varied leadership experience in both non profit and for profit arenas. Norma is a Certified Leadership Coach, an EverythingDiSC® Authorized Partner, a  Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ Authorized Partner, and a Certified Stephens Minister. She has a successful career in team building and program development, and knows how to lead from a mission driven, values base.

“I believe that you are significant and deserve to be noticed, heard, and encouraged. I believe we each one are created and loved by God. I believe we are all connected and affect one another.”

Norma is an ENFP on the Myers/Briggs Type Indicator, a Steadiness/Inspirational on the DiSC® and her Strength Finders descriptors are Connectedness, Adaptability, Positivity, Developer and Strategic.