At our age, there is quite a lot of talk about reinventing oneself. When I first considered this term, I liked it. It gave me a spark of hope. Hmmm…maybe I can be an artist this time, kind of like a new birth or a second chance. I’ll buy a lot of art supplies, get a few how-to books, maybe enroll in community art classes, turn our spare room into a studio, paint, draw (I LOVE mixed media!), sell my pieces on ETSY and become wealthy in  my old age! I have always wanted to say “I’m an Artist” when someone asks “What do you do?”. How exciting!

Well, I did go to the art supply shop and buy some supplies…an overwhelming experience as I wandered through rows and rows of options. I did listen to many  how-to webinars and videos. I gave it a shot, as best I could, before I knew I was on a less than fulfilling path to frustration. I was trying way too hard.

Reconsidering the whole idea of “reinvention”, I realized that the term itself causes my arm hairs to bristle with fright, as the somber image of Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde flash across my brain-screen! Reinvention just sounds way too serious to me…start from scratch? start over? How do I do that? Where does the ME go?

I finally decided I would rather consider what my next step in the continuum of being me is…what is the next note in this life-song of mine? What makes sense in tying this life all together…I don’t want to rub anything out. I want to see how the years fit together to bring me here and make me who I am today…I want to hear the beat of life around me but I want to keep the rhythm of my own song going.

“It’s all about the beat, about the beat, about the beat…” you know the song?

My beat is about the ordinary things I love to do each day, going at my own pace without hurry, keeping that regular beat as much as possible…doing mostly the same things each day with just a change-up once in a while to make it interesting. (I’m not intending to run for President, or become famous, or be outstandingly extraordinary!…or be an artist:)

But rhythm is inspite of the beat.  My best song is when I can be the kind of person I want to be, true to myself and my best self,  no matter what I’m doing, no matter how intense or slow or erratic or steady the beat. I hold my own special tune together.

Can I keep that rhythm of caring, of loving, of creativity, curiosity and generosity going each day …no matter what the beat?

Whats your beat? Do you thrive on the irregular or the steady 1-2-3-4? How would you describe your rhythm, your life-song?

“Rhythm represents our desire for order. Rhythm is like our own heartbeat; it gives us a sense of the pulsing of life.”