Today I lost it! I couldn’t catch my breath I laughed so hard. It really wasn’t that funny. It was something else, like the timing and the way it was said, the inference, the context. But at the time, it seemed hilarious. And I needed it. So, maybe that was what it really was: I just needed to laugh.

There’s something amazingly intriguing about laughter, to me. It feels so good and seems to relax the whole body, while at the same time, it’s uncomfortable and kinda hurts! You remember as a child when you really wanted to be tickled so you could laugh hard, but when you were being tickled, you yelled “Stop! Stop!” and wanted to push the tickler away?

Sometimes I feel that same way while indulging in a deep belly laugh. I hate the loss of control, yet love the loss of control!

But one thing I know is that laughing clears my head and releases me from introspection and analysis and worry and anxiety and sadness.  I become unaware of my physical state, forget about my wrinkles and achy joints. Time stops for a moment and my spirit is set free. Its a spiritual experience to laugh wholeheartedly and be transported from time and space.

Spiritual, yes, but also physical…Someone I heard somewhere sometime, said, “..the diaphragm, thorax, abdomen, heart, lungs—and even the liver—are given a massage during a hearty laugh. That’s a good internal workout!”

Check out this article and read the actual effects on our body when we laugh.Here’s what happens to your body during a good giggle

And the last line in the article, “Laughter is contagious.” might be one of the best reasons to indulge. We can lighten the load of those around us just by passing on a good laugh! Win/Win!

Today, I’m going to be ready to laugh…will you join me?

How often do you have a good laugh? What makes you laugh?